08.05.18 - You Are It.

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08.05.18 - You Are It.

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08.05.18 - You Are It.

Tänään tulee uusi kohtalaisen vaativa pullonkaula-quest, jonka ainoana vaatimuksena on Membership. Questin aikana tulet...


Joten pidä hauskaa pelatessasi Mod Osbornen ja Team Eclipsen rakkauden tuotosta läpi. Muista, YOU ARE IT.

Patch Notes

URIT Ninjat ja URIT tuovat teille URIT päivän patch notet.


Vannaka's sword override weapon now is correctly held as a 1 handed weapon in legacy combat mode.

We've done some masonry work on the walls at the back of Lumbridge castle to fix some unusual superfluous walls.

Fixed an animation issue during the cutscene where Holgart fixes his boat with swamp paste as part of the Sea Slug questline.

Removed some strange floating rocks from the Hydrix and Onyx caves.

Corrected some incorrect textures used around the Silvarea beacon.

Prevented being able to walk inside the solid walls at the summit of Jaldroacht pyramid.

Added missing blocking to the Mazcab beacon.

Some tiles in the King Black Dragon instance will no longer block the player from using the Surge or Escape ability.

Force walk issue next to stool in Maggie's caravan no longer occurs.

Updated the model of a cooking fire in Daemonheim.

It's no longer possible to attack through the walls of Dorgershuun mines using Ranged and Magic.

Two random barrels in the sea, east of the Wilderness Volcano, have been removed.

The Dungeoneering Map will now appear in a set location on Legacy mode

Crystal implings no longer fly through blocked map tiles in Priff (fixing the issues players had near the Crwys farming patch)

Blocked a wall in Zaros's throne room that you could stand in.

Fixed a minor issue with the chat input line divider height

Fixed an issue with the Seal of Passage not sitting correctly on the player.

Fixed a minor graphical issue with each frame within the 'Skills' interface.

Cleaned up the lava-filled path to the Ourania dungeon.

Additional carpets have been updated in Player owned Ports to fix some Z-Fighting

Added some missing textures to the tiles around beacon next to Odd Old Man.

Fixed a gap in a wall in Elder Halls.

Removed floating tile above ladder in Wizards' Guild.

Items dropped on bridges in Tirannwn are no longer hard to see.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements

Fixed several achievement issues with safe cracking.

Added a missing apostrophe in 'Thats all, thanks.' chat option when talking to Safe-cracking trainer.

There is now a 'hand-in' option on Darren Lightfinger to fence all of your safecracking valuables for pilfer points or coins. This will hand in any items you are carrying all in one go, you will need to speak to him to hand in a partial amount.

Loot bag upgrades for safecracking are now permanent unlocks and the highest tier bag you have purchased will be replaced if lost.

Reclaiming a doctor or nurses hat from the Apothecary will no longer reset A Tail of Two Cats quest progress.

Fixed an issue that stopped you from receiving an achievement diary reward if the previous reward was stored in your keepsake.

Players will no longer be able to receive duplicate Ghost Hunter pieces if the set is stored in a Player owned House

The Required Items list for In Aid of the Myreque has been updated to include 10 Bronze Hatchets

Players who meet requirements to start Dealing with Scabaras will now be able to start the quest even if their skills are drained.

The Do No Evil quest overview now show how many Quest Points are awarded upon completion.

Fixed a typo in The Fremennik Isles quest.

Fight Cauldron is correctly spelt in the Tokhaar-Mok achievement description.

Removed reference to Stealing Creation being in the Wilderness in Temple of Senntisten post quest dialogue with the Assassin at the Dig Site.

Rocking Out quest reward overview no longer shows thieving as a requirement for catching pirate implings.

A typo in the quest overview screen of Back to My Roots and My Arm's Big Adventure have been corrected.

The Professor will now prevent you with a correctly 'worded' Shield-bow at the end of the Observatory quest. The item itself was a Shield-bow but it was referred to as an older style longbow.

The toolbelt mithril grapple now works for The Curse of Arrav quest

Fixed an issue where Dark Arrows could not be used on the Guide Rope in Underground Pass.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Statue collection bag now uses legacy graphics whilst using legacy mode.

The toggle on/off option in the assist interface is the left click option once again

The message when you obtain golden rock (melee) has been corrected.

DG toolbelt now displays the correct owned pickaxes/hatchets.

Amended the options on squares in the Towers puzzle so that right-clicking allows you to select between incrementing the value, or directly selecting any number from 1 to 5. Left clicking will increment as before.

Effigies bought from the travelling merchant in deep sea fishing will now be correctly set up when used.


Clan Admin broadcast messages now save and display correctly.

Enchanted silver jewellery will now correctly display it's charges remaining.

Added the waiko hunter outfit to the Clean-up filter in the bank.

Fixed an issue that would cause certain interfaces to appear behind others (e.g. Bank Pin Entry behind Aura Management) when opened simultaneously.

Fixed a minor issue that caused certain instances of multiple choice options to be to spaced out.

The "Make" button in the make-x interface will now correctly display it's custom text again.

Yakamaru cowardice projectile anim will now appear correctly.

Postie Pete now offers alternate delivery options that allow you to choose where you want to have your parcels sent as a priority. You can choose to have them sent directly to you or sent to your bank.

Postie Pete's parcels can now be banked.

Postie Pete's postage stamps can now be stored in the currency pouch.

Removed a reference to JAG from the lobby.

Fixed an issue where a message when hopping world with an active gravestone didn’t correctly fit in the message box

Players names in Clan/Friends chat will no longer appear in a bright white and has been reverted to the previous colour.

Clicking abandon all loot at raids fetcher but not actually abandoning it will no longer remove the option to re-roll.

Opening the currency pouch in the inventory will no longer cause interfaces to close.

Augmented hatchets will now correctly work when chopping Maple trees in Miscellenia

Aura name will no longer appear in chat box when activating an aura via the right click option.

Fixed an issue where an interface was not being closed with Esc.

Corrected an error in mature grotworm's drop table which meant super restores never dropped and Saradomin brews dropped too often.

Changed the name and inventory icon of damaged driftwood to better distinguish it in your inventory from normal Driftwood.

Sir Vyvin's examine now has the appropriate grammar.

Removed (used) from some weapons names for consistency with the majority of other used gear in the game.

Corrected a typo when splitting a scrimshaw of corruption.

Locking and unlocking interface customisation will now close certain interfaces.

The 'Override Familiars' option no longer unchecks itself on specific pets.

Teplin Macagon will no longer drop noted flasks to the floor if the player has a full inventory when decanting

Knockback abilities can no longer drag wall beasts out of their dens.

Lava Hawk pet interact OP now correctly plays emote.

The Fire verb on cannons has been changed from a Crafting cursor to Attack, Ranged or Magic cursor, depending on the type of cannon.

It is no longer possible to use bladed dive when transmogrified into certain NPcs.

The book of death will no longer occasionally cause a disconnection when activating.

Fixed an issue where inspecting combat abilities in the Powers interface was showing the incorrect abilities descriptions.

Increased the minimum size of the bank interface (within edit mode) so that the bank will now show the full worn inventory rather than having a scroll bar because the window wasn't large enough.

Players can now correctly make multiple clockwork penguin suits through the make x interface provided they have enough materials

Fixed an issue where dwarf cannons could continue to decay when repaired.

Added some rocks to the burthorpe rune shop's north wall to prevent some poor pathing when attempting to trade with Apprentice clara

Ability cooldowns are now reset at the end of a fight in the duel arena.

You can no longer reset your Hellion Aura with your Hellion daily reset (did we say Hellion enough?)

The Gravite shortbow is now a Gravite chargebow.

Fixed a typo on Aura Management interface.

The fountains inside of the grand exchange can now be used to fill Evil Dave's empty stew satchel during the quest.

Augmented staff of limitless fire/water/earth/air/lava/mud/steam no longer show item charge.

Ninja Fixes

Free to play can now investigate the spike traps puzzle room in Dungeoneering.

Added Shades of Mort'ton as a suggested requirement for In Aid of the Myreque based upon player feedback.

The Stolen Hearts titles - Artful Dodger, the Enforecer, Don, the Swindler - can now be accessed within the wardrobe.

Improved the POH Treasure Chest interface with a menu that separates items by tier of treasure trail. This has been updated to include Master tier following clue scroll update.

Dialogue that incorrectly referred to the icyene home world of Hallow as New Domina has been corrected.

The Gravite shortbow is now a Gravite chargebow.

Ability cooldowns are now reset at the end of a fight in the duel arena.

Player Owned Houses can now be reset at Estate Agents. Players will still retain their pets, aquarium and Butler should they wish to rebuild their menagerie, aquarium and additional bedrooms respectively.

Unfinished potions now have "Mix" on left click when held in your inventory when you have both components in your inventory.


Katsotko live streameja? Et? Miksi? Tässä kuussa tuomme teille LootScapen, joka on uusi tapa saada mukavia esineitä pelissä katsomalla live streameja joka kuukausi.

Liitä RuneScape accountisi Twitch accountiisi ja katso jokin tiistain tai perjantain live streameistamme, jonka jälkeen saat ilmaista tavaraa!

Live Streams this Week

Streamaamme joka viikko Developer Q&A:ta, in-game eventejä ja muuta. Katso streamejamme ja löydät täyden aikataulun Twitch-kanavaltamme.

Pistäydy myös Youtube-kanavallamme, josta löydät otoksia streameista, joita et välttämättä nähnyt, kuten RuneFestin tapahtumat molemmilta lavoilta.

Tiistai 08.05. klo 18:00 Suomen aikaa – Mining and Smithing Art Showcase

Liity JModien seuraan, kun he kertovat tulevasta Mining ja Smithing reworkista. Näytämme konsepteja, prosessissa olevia töitä ja muita hienoja asioita. Mukana on myös reworkin parissa työskenteleviä modeja vastaamassa kysymyksiinne.

Katso YouTubesta tai Twitchistä - älä jätä näkemättä!

LootScape on aktiivinen ja palkintona on Nature's Balance sword override.

Perjantai 11.05. klo 19:00 Suomen aikaa – Patch Notes Teasers: Karamja Idols

Liity Mod Shaunyn seuraan nauttimaan Patch Notes teasereista. Tällä viikolla hän kertoo ensi viikon Karamja Idols -päivityksestä, sekä muutamista tulevista patcheistä.

Katso YouTubesta tai Twitchistä - älä jätä näkemättä!

LootScape on aktiivinen ja palkintona on Nature's Balance sword override.

Sunnuntai 13.05. klo 21:00 Suomen aikaa – PvM with Mod Lee

Mod Lee järjestää PvM eventin, joka tulee suorana Twitchissä!

LootScape on aktiivinen ja palkintona on Nature's Balance sword override.

Community Events

The Pink SKirts järjestää viikottain tapahtumia. Lisää tietoa saat RuneScapen omilta foorumeilta Quick Find koodeilla: 42-43-708-65850937 ja 42-43-596-65583459.

Tässä mitä on luvassa tällä viikolla:

Maanantai 07.05.

Nex Boss Mass

Town Square Q&A: Europe

Tiistai 08.05.

Pyramid Plunder

Keskiviikko 09.05.

Corporeal Beast Boss Mass

Torstai 10.05.

Fishing Trawler
Vorago Boss Mass

Perjantai 11.05.

Nex: Angels of Death Boss Mass

Lauantai 12.05.

Town Square Q&A: America

Twin Furies Boss Mass

Sunnuntai 13.05.

Town Square Q&A: Australia

Pyramid Plunder

Pest Control

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