19.06.17 - Aiding the Exile: Menaphos Event

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19.06.17 - Aiding the Exile: Menaphos Event

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19.06.17 - Aiding the Exile: Menaphos Event

Tänään alkaa uusi event kultaisessa kaupungissa: Aiding the Exile.

Puhu shady lurkerille Menaphoksen edessä, jonka jälkeen voit kerätä Menaphite coinseja skillaamalla tai kehittämällä combatia Menaphoksessa tai Sophanemin Slayer Dungeonissa.

Saat 20 % enemmän Menaphite coinseja Miningista, Thievingistä, Fishingistä tai Woodcuttingista. Huomaa, että et saa coinseja Daily Challengeista, sillä niitä ei voi suorittaa kaupungin sisällä.

Kerää 1000 kolikkoa päivässä ja saat upeita palkintoja, kuten magic carpet rest ja teleport animaatiot.

Jos jäit jälkeen, tai haluat nopeuttaa prosessia, voit nostaa päivittäistä ylärajaasi Runecoinseilla Reward Storessa.


Patch Notes


A shadow under the fairy ring in the Glacor cave has been fixed.

The animation played when descending certain ladders inside pyramids has been fixed.
The contact juggling resting animation can no longer be used to spin weapons.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Placing a Divine location no longer blocks auto-deploying protean traps.

Rubium mining messages have been added to the chat filter.

Defeating your opponent in a duel will no longer leave them as a target that you're unable attack.

An issue where Castle Wars barricades sometimes left their blocking behind when being destroyed has been fixed.

Exiting a player-owned port will now consistently place the player at the point at which they entered.

The Make-X interface no longer shows the wrong skill when making burial armour.

Portable crafters will now default to the correct type of battlestaff being crafted.

Remaining 'Cloud of Destiny' fortunes will now automatically complete upon login and players will receive the relevant prismatic star reward.

The slayer creature kills table has been expanded to show all existing entries as the latest alphabetical entries were being cut off.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

It is no longer possible to teleport from the Rocking unicorns during Gower Quest.

Cosmetic overrides for the shield (Aten) and axe (Uraeus) found after Diamond in the Rough now have ownership tracking which is set when first picking up, wearing or destroying the item.


Menaphos district houses containing cats now unlock at tier 5 reputation.

Players can no longer enter Menaphos district houses without the correct reputation tier.

Menaphite gift offerings now have a right-click "offer for reputation" option.

Speaking to Urluk about city quests will now display a hint arrow to the NPC if someone has a task to complete.

The soul talisman can now be traded via the Grand Exchange.

The reputation interface & corruption stacks are no longer lost when stepping on one rogue tile in the Sophanem slayer dungeon.

Players are now correctly awarded the full amount of reputation when killing the last monster on their Slayer task in the Sophanem Slayer dungeon.

Khopesh weapons can now be traded correctly.

Shades will now spawn correctly in the Player-Owned Slayer Dungeon.

The keris effect now works correctly on corrupted kalphites.

Corrupted dust devils are now affected by the mask of dust.

The mask of dust now provides a teleport to the Sophanem slayer dungeon with at least 97 Slayer.

A duplicate reference to a Crocodile Tears quest reward in the quest complete scroll has been removed.

Players can now get a replacement charged dowsing rod by taking a replacement rod to the Elid spirits during Crocodile Tears.

Rhotep's city quest head icon has been placed back above his head.

Implings and Guthixian butterflies will no longer fly into the pillars on the dock in the Ports district of Menaphos.

Squeck can now be removed from a player-owned house menagerie.

The Tale of Amascut, Crondis, Het, and Jack of Spades music tracks will now be unlocked after the respective quest has been completed, if you've already completed these quests you can unlock the tracks from listening to the Pub singer.

A shadow on Commander Akhomet's chat head has been tweaked.

Pets received in Menaphos will now function correctly on free-to-play worlds.

The mirrors in Sophanem have been graphically updated.

The swamp environment area in the desert has been updated.

Blocking has been added to some desert locations near the Bandit Camp.

The bankers in the underground Sophanem bank have had their models updated.

Nex changes

The Nex banker no longer moves around, making her easier to find with lots of players in the area.

Dominion mines are once again usable within the Nex: Angel of Death encounter, but will only work on blood reavers (as they are under the 138 combat level check). Pillars had a combat level of 0, so they will no longer damage pillars.

Nex: Angel of Death no longer targets another player who isn't the tank when restarting her attacks.

All players who participate and defeat Nex in the Angel of Death encounter will be able to obtain the lore book drops from the exit pillar. This is regardless of the amount of damage dealt for ease of access.

Players who have been pinned under the icicle during the Nex: Angel of Death encounter will now longer get hit by the shadows during the final phase.

The player who started the Nex: Angel of Death fight is now broadcasted to the entire arena.

The Praesul Codex from Nex: Angel of Death now works with the shardshare system.


Tunks has been out on a new adventure around Gielinor!

Players can once again find the rainbow amulet and cape tokens on the Grand Exchange.

An issue where the Flanking perk was sometimes dealing extra damage to large NPCs when facing them has been fixed.

Trying to enter Daemonheim from the Wilderness no longer loops a chat message.

Players will now walk towards Ugthanki camels instead of talking to them from a distance.

Mr Ex has taken all Hardcore players' jars of divine light for safekeeping. He will continue to open the jar upon death as before. He will also allow you to open it by speaking to him.

The following skyboxes now utilize volumetric lighting when activated via the 'Skybox/Filters' option:









The Wilderness warning will display to the player until they choose to turn it off.

Last week's hotfixes

12/06, 13:40 UTC: The city quest fix to clamp objectives to 2-100x items was reapplied.

13/06, 15:30 UTC: An issue that was preventing players from acquiring their 'Phite Club quest reward was fixed.

13/06, 15:30 UTC: A way has been added for players who have missed out on their 'Phite Club quest reward to obtain it by speaking to the Menaphite royal guard in the throne room.

15/06, 07:40 UTC: The choleric imp's yellow bead has been added near the Fire Altar.

15/06, 14:00 UTC: Players will now consistently be given their final collection rewards. Any players missing these can claim them from Assistant Librarian Subotai.



Toivomme että viihdyt Menaphoksessa. Nähdään pelissä!

The RuneScape Team


In Other News

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