Customer Support Week

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Customer Support Week on viikon kestv aktiviteetti 9. Lokakuuta asti.

Count Check lytyy Burthorpen lodestonen vierelt. Hnelt saat pivss erikoisen cluen (vinkit alempana) ja mahdollisuuden osallistua "The drop: customer support edition" peliin. Jos sinulla on pankki pin ja authenticator pll, saat kaksi TH avainta ja pienen xp lampun. Mikli sinulla on bank pin aktivoituna olet 12 kuukauden memberin arvonnassa.

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Pelin aloitus:
Vaatimuksia ei ole The drop peliin mutta kierrokset alkavat tasalta ja puolelta. Cluen saat kysymll ja aikaisempien pivien cluet saat tehty myhemminkin, mikli unohdat tehd kyseisen pivn cluen.

Pelin pelaaminen:
The drop vastaukset:
2016 kysymykset Oikeavastaus
Where do I go to find Customer Support articles? Hit 'Support' on the main side
Which of the following is a clear sign that I have received a fake email claiming to be from Jagex? It's about a ban
Which of these Authenticator statements are true? You can use it on a phone or PC
Should you let your friend use your account to complete a difficult quest? No! It's risky
What are Jagex Community Helpers? Helpful volunteer players
How long does it typically take Customer Support to respond to customers? Within 24 hours
On average, how many account recovery appeals does Customer Support process per month? 22000
On average, how many customers are satisfied with the service they receive? 9 out of 10
On average, how many bots do our specialist team remove from the game per month? 360000
If a player messages me telling me I can easily earn loads of money, I should Assume it's a scam
What security should I enable on my registered e-mail address? Everything the provider offers
I've seen an ad which lets a bot level up my account for me, I should Ignore it & email tipoff@jagex.com

2015 kysymykset Oikeavastaus
Where can you find a hint to your registered email address? Account Settings
How do you set up an in game Bank Pin? By talking to an in game banker
Is it safe to share your RuneScape account? No, your account is yours alone!
What year did players start using emails to log into accounts? 2010
Can players log into multiple accounts simultaneously? Yes, if they play fair
Can players use the RuneScape authenticator instead of the Bank Pin? Yes
What should you look for when a Jagex Moderator is in game? A gold crown
What is Mod Kelvin's position at Jagex? Customer Support Manager
How do you reclaim lost holiday/seasonal items? Speak to Diango in game
How do you access the RuneScape Support Centre? Hit 'Support' on the website
What times of the day do Customer Support work? Day & night 24/7
If a player is annoying me in game, what should I do? Add them to your ignore list

Clue scroll (CS Week) vinkit lytyvt tst taulukosta.

Vinkki Sijainti
In a room housing at least 7 victims, home to giant red beasts that Theseus may've slain, dig on the eastern most tile Stronghold of Security ensimminen kerros. Mene tikkaista eteln ja sitten kaakkoon huoneeseen, jossa on minotaureja ja kaiva itseinlt.
Dig directly south of the cradle of life that is hidden within death. Stronghold of Security viimeinen kerros. Kaiva Cradle of Lifen etelpuolelta.
In a place of pestilence, dig directly east of a goo-ridden escape. Stronghold of Security kolmas kerros. Kaiva pakenemiskyden itpuolelta. vartijan tullessa vastaa: "Secure my computer and reset my RuneScape password."
In a room where famine is rife and Fleshcrawlers thrive, dig in the south-east corner. Security of Stronghold toinen kerros. Kaiva kaakkoiskulman huoneen kulmasta.
Dig behind the poster in a jail cell filled with chess pieces and a rock hammer. Stronghold of Player Safety ja kaiva kohdasta johon tulet seinss olevan julisteesta. Vastaus vartijalle: "Report the incident and do not click any links."
In a jail located on the edge of the desert, dig directly north of the bed. Shantay Passin vankila ja kaiva sngyn pohjoispuolelta.
In a village of barbarians, dig directly north of the entrance to a great underground stronghold. Kaiva suoraan Stronghold of Securityn sisnkynnin pohjoispuolelta.
Dig at the entrance of a building that prides itself in cooking and banking. Kaiva cooking guildin oven edest.
Dig at the entrance to an exam hall which is invigilated by a certain Henry. Kaiva Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence talon oven edest, Edgevillen ja Barbarian villagen vliss.
Search the bookshelf where Henry likes to keep his educational books. Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence talon kirjahyllyss, Edgevillen ja Barbarian villagen vliss.
In a city of great exchange at a place of great wealth, knock on the door. Koputa Varrockin lnsipankin ovea.
In a city of great exchange at a place of great wealth, search some first floor drawers. Varrockin itpankin ylin kerros, josta lytyy lipasto. Vastaus kysymykseen: 7.
In the city of white stone at a place of great wealth with 5 slots instead of 6, check the north noticeboard. Faladorin lnsipankin seinll oleva ilmoitustaulu.
In the city of white stone at a place of great wealth with 6 slots instead of 5, check the west noticeboard. Faladorin itpankin lnsiseinll oleva ilmoitustaulu.
In a place of great wealth in the town of the druids, search the drawers on the uppermost floor. Taverley pankin ylinkerros, josta lytyy lipasto.
Speak to the guard who'll teach you all about the report button. Stronghold of Player Safetyn vartija, joka sijaitsee vankilassa.
Speak to the professor who is a true buttoned-down examiner. Puhu professori Henrylle. Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence talossa, Edgevillen ja Barbarian villagen vliss.
Interupt the exam of a student who hates maths, he might have something for you. Puhu oppilaalle Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence talossa, Edgevillen ja Barbarian villagen vliss.
Speak to: druga napcait kroarniw. Puhu Guard Captain Roarkwinille Port Sarimin vankilassa.
In a spooky village with a spooky manor dig at the entrance to a jail block. Kaiva Draynor villagen vankilan oven edest.
In a place of great wealth atop a castle, speak to the sole supervisor. Puhu pankkiirille Lumbridgen linnan ylimmss kerroksessa.
In a place of great exchange, speak to the one who has time for music and lyrics. Puhu musiikinsoittajalle Varrockin lnsiportilla.
In a place of great wealth on the edge of the safe world, speak to the collector of ancient artefacts. Puhu Mandrithille Edgevillen pankissa.
Speak to the creator of Customer Support clues. Puhu Count Checkille Burthorpessa lodestonen vieress.
Stomp on the first floor of the Stronghold of Security, equip Safety gloves and Fighting boots. Laita safety glovet ja fighting bootsit plle ja kyt stomp emotea Stronghold of Securityn ensimmisess kerroksessa. Vastaus kysymykseen: "Talk to any banker in RuneScape."
Use the Safety First emote on the bottom floor of the Stronghold of Security. Equip Safety gloves and Fancy boots. Laita safety glovet ja fighting bootsit plle ja kyt stomp emotea Stronghold of Securityn viimeisess kerroksessa. vastaus kysymykseen: "Through account settings on RuneScape.com"
Fish in Lumbridge Swamp. Trust no-one and beware of other phishers. Kalasta Lumbridgen suolla, eteln fishermanista.
Flap on the balcony of The Pick and Lute in Taverley. Make sure you equip Safety gloves and Fancy boots. Kyt Flap emotea Taverleyn baarin parvekkeella, kun pllsi on Safety gloves ja Fancy boots. Safety gloves saat tutkimalla arkkua Stronghold of Player Securityn toisessa kerroksessa. Fancy boots saat Stronghold of Securityn neljnnen kerroksen keskiosasta, Craddle of Lifest.

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[Nimi] the Knowledgeable - titteli.
Large XP lamps (2 jos et avannut tittelia vuonna 2015 ja 1 jos avasit)

Clue palkinnot pitvt sislln kaksi arkkua, joista toinen aukeaa, jos sinulla on pankki pin ja authenticator pll. Arkut pitvt sislln easy-, medium- ja hard cluen palkintoja. Treasure trail palkinnot lytyvt tlt.

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